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wow! Interesting about the hyena.  
GreenMama, how does the provisional period work for TBM? Is there someone that observes your classes to make sure you're teaching everything to their liking?
I think there's a wide range of when babies start solids. Most between 6-12 months, but not necessarily right at 6. Every baby is different and it could change quickly. My 7 month old when from completely uninterested to gobbling down as much squash, sweet potatoes, etc as he could all within 2 weeks time. She'll figure it out eventually.
I'm going to one of her workshops in November. So excited! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it. :]  
Yep, there are many kids' toothpastes without fluoride. I use Tom's of Maine for my older kiddo. It does have flavoring and all that jazz though.
As far as I know, most hospitals offer tours of only the birthing and postpartum rooms. The NICU might be a hard place to tour, but it would be worth contacting someone at the hospital to see what your options are. They might have a digital slideshow of pictures they could share with you. Try contacting the manager of perinatal education.   Good luck!  
Have you tried the Moby wrap? I prefer that one for the "fourth trimester".
I would just put it in with the donation box. Depending on which organization you're donating to, they might be able to use it. If not, they'll throw it out just like you would if you didn't give it a try.  
Is there fluoride in your water? If not, your pediatrician will likely recommend a supplement since it's the AAP policy, but I think it depends on the fluoride concentration in your local water.   Toothpastes with fluoride are not recommended for kids under the age of 2. With my little one (7 months as well), we currently use a finger toothbrush (fits right over your finger so you have better control) with tap water.
How do you have the conversation if you're the one "turning them down"?
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