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tickletoes and andaluza: I agree with Andaluza, the more you run the better it feels. The thing that I love about running is how obvious my improvement is-- I can go a few times in a week and already feel like I am much better at it. That kind of easy and clear payoff seems to be hard to come by in life :) Also re: bike commuting, I eased in by commuting to where I worked on the weekend a few times so I could see how sweaty I got, how long it took, and how much energy it...
OH WOW the pressure! Oh my! Hahah. I don't know about you, but when my mom says those kinds of things my sisters and I always call each other and laugh about it- makes it all better :)   I think about the fact that at my age, my mom had 3 kids- I was 9 years old and we were living in a nice suburban house and I'm getting started a full decade later. I'm totally satisfied with my choices. My mom has gotten less grandbaby-crazy about it since my sister had kids as well.
AF is due today or tomorrow. Temps are still high, I woke up to pee a few times last night (I almost never wake up), and my boobs grew- um- overnight? Also woke up from a nightmare last night.   I think it's very possible that I am psyching myself out since if I did get pregnant, it was from just one BD the first cycle we attempted. I am not tired at all, I am really excited and on edge about the possibility, which may explain the frequent bathroom trips and bad...
Thank you for welcoming me into the community!   I am on day 28 of my cycle so AF should show up any minute if I did not get pregnant. No signs of AF yet, but no signs of pregnancy either-- I know how unlikely it is that it would happen on the very first try, but wouldn't that be amazing? If AF doesn't show I'll wait a week or so, no need to hurry up and get a test. I already am taking vitamins, stopped drinking, curbed my coffee consumption, etc. and if it happens...
Hello! I am looking forward to participating in this community. I found it via offbeat mama's resource page. My husband and I are in our early 30s and have our little home, insurance, parents nearby who are close to retirement- just about everything is lined up properly a little more than 5 years after the baby bug bit me. We just started actively TTC. I am nervous and excited. Nice to meet you all!
Hello! Best of luck on your journey!
Hello! I am 30 and just started TTC this month. I am not closely monitoring my temperature, etc but have been tracking my cycles (and temp when I remember to do it) on a phone app for several years and as far as I know everything is like clockwork (I feel SO lucky- both of my sisters have PCOS). If we take more than 4 months conceiving I will start taking care with temps and be able to share them with everyone. Hope to join you ladies and talk about the process :)
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