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Lilac!!!! What a fantastic gift!! I am SO happy for you-- that is amazing. You really have a special community around you.
Alright, so it's settled. 2013 is the year of turning your wheels and covering some serious mileage.   There are SO MANY things happening in my life that involve the turning of wheels and not going anywhere. Career, finances, education, family life... What keeps my head above water is remembering that there are times in our lives when things need to hibernate, gain energy, accumulate, etc. before they come to fruition. It's wondering when/if they will come to...
Folks, the universe is challenging me today. My sister-in-law had three very planned babies and then got pregnant with her fourth accidentally this summer. I am super happy for her and she is a fantastic mother. Although I never had a twinge of jealousy, I did have difficult feelings when she announced the birth to my husband's grandma and I was just sitting there with one loss and nothing else to show from a year trying. Now my sister is accidentally pregnant with her...
Dakipode: Definitely heard that Royal Jelly can be good for your body in general. Can't hurt!  
Thebyr-- I love MDC because people don't offer opinions in that way. My sister gets really into The Bump and The Nest and WOW-- people offer all kinds of crazy end all/be all advice there. Those ladies really know what's right for other people :). People on this website tend to be respectful and reflective and your post is a perfect example of that. Thanks :)
Thanks Dakipode... We ended up talking about it last night. He complained that he doesn't know which day I am ovulating until it happens. I can't disagree with that! We don't really have any next steps except to try again to note in our shared calendar that we should get together more often during a certain time.
Bailey-- Hope your trip goes OK. We miss ovulation all. the. time. I am sure that I would be pregnant by now, or even have a living baby, if we BD'd more often. I feel your pain.   Library Girl--Sorry to hear about AF. I hope this stressful season stays fairly headache-free. I don't know if I mentioned that I have spent most of my working life as a library paraprofessional and just learned today that I will be working part-time in a library for the next few months....
Dakipode, how awful.. I hope things are going ok. Sending lots of well-wishes your way.
Dakipode, fantastic! Good luck to you! It sounds difficult, complicated, and exhilarating. Our close friends were over 40 and assumed they wouldn't have kids. About 4 years ago they had to put their cat to sleep, and a few weeks later they found out they were expecting. Their little girl is this glowing, magnetic firecracker; gorgeous, friendly, and truly special.  
Going a little crazy here with the posting, but I just talked to my OB. All of my thyroid and hormone levels are 100% normal. Hm. I kind of wish there was something to blame this on.  
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