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Congratulations!!!!  (I really need to check and make sure our hose connects to our faucet!)  :)
Thanks for sharing!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
Yeah, what happened?  
Have you contacted your local midwives?  The first midwives that I contacted refused to help me with my VBA2C but the second set of midwives that I contacted accepted me with open arms...I am due in May.  Good luck to you!
I was in this same boat myself. This is what I was able to dig up:   Week one: day 1:  your special place day 2: easy, comfortable childbirth (or painless childbirth) day 3:  your special place day 4:  easy, comfortable childbirth day 5: your special place day 6: easy, comfortable childbirth   Week 2: day 1: learning self hypnosis day 2:  deepining day 3:  (keeps repeating like the 1st week)   Week 3: day 1:  creating anesthesia day 2:...
Remember that your body (pelvis) was designed to widen (up to 30%) during labor......but that this is physically impossible to do if you are laying flat on your back.  You need to be standing, kneeling, squatting, etc...  So if your pelvis is not currently wide enough to fit a baby through, then definitely refuse the epidural.  If the doctors need to do an emergency c-section, they can give you general anesthesia.  Just my 2 cents!  Good luck!!
Hi Carly!  I also had an emergency c-section in 2007 - followed by a planned c-section in 2009.  I am now planning a home birth VBA2C in May, with midwives.  If you have any questions, or are interested in how it all turns out for me, send me a message.  In the meantime, please keep me in your prayers. :)
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