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How do you join the private forum?
I have 4...DD from one dad and 3 DS's from another. I would love another someday. I have always felt I would have another girl. I just need a few years to get a higher degree and have a better income, and then if I am still alone at the time, so be it. That won't stop me :)
i hear ya, mama. I have four kids (three live with me full-time) and I still want another. Of course, I dont even have a signifigant other, and I will be 30 in 3 months. I am graduating nursing school soon and will be looking for a job. I will also be working on getting my Bachelor's in Nursing so I have more opportunity for employment, but that will take a few years. I never have a chance to get out without my little guys, so I dont know how I'd ever be able to date. :(
i dont post a lot of what i want to, but b/c i am a newer member, i dont think i can join some of the more private places here. :/
I can empathize...trust me. I have one friend whom I have been friends with forever. When this mess first started, she was really supportive, and she has always been there for me thru everything. The last few weeks however, she has been distancing herself from me and getting upset when I won't tell her everything that is wrong. I am going thru a lot right now and been internalizing myself....I tend to internalize myself when I have a lot on my mind. It's not just this...
This will be our first Halloween solo, and we had to move,so we dont have any friends local to team up with. My closest friends are 45 minutes away...cannot spend the gas for that. But that said, we LOVE Halloween and have a lot of fun dressing up. We are planning on going to the local mall and trick or treating there. Arent many kids in this neighborhood either lol.
I feel your pain, mama....I feel very lonely too. I dont have many friends, but the ones i have are all married with kids, so I feel very out of place around them and feel even more out of place when they talk about their husbands.
If I had an answer to that one...I'd tell ya...I am never able to get out w/o my kids. It was hard enough getting sitters for them so I can go to school two nights a week. :P Just tonight I was telling my mom how I would love some time to myself soon, just to relax, and she said, "well the baby will be in preschool in two years." I was hoping she would offer to watch them sometime. So even if I did find some guy interested in me...I'd never be able to go on a date. I...
i'll take a look...ty :)  
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