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Linda Morgan has a new contact number, 509-994-4850. I spoke with her today & she said she will available for homebirths in Eburg & surrounding areas if you travel to Moses lake for PN's.
Lori Carr of Highland Midwife Birth Services is also willing to do HB is Eburg, she does PN's in Yakima but travels for the birth. 509-250-2072.
It's a bit of a drive, but when we were still in the area we saw Susie Corcoran at Aurora Family Health. She is amazing, super supportive & all about integrative health care. She was our MW & we saw her for follow-up health care.
There's a group in E'burg that has met in the past, they're not LLL, but friends who have gone say it's a great group of mamas. If you don't find a group in Yak let me know & I can find the info for you if you'd like me to. :)
My guy has super long hair in back but I keep his bangs trimmed up so it's not in his eyes. Yep, he gets called a girl all the time but I don't care, I ask him if he wants it cut and he says no so until he tells me otherwise it's long hair for my little guy. :)    
As someone with a dairy allergy, not a sensitivity, I have to respond to the comment about ghee & pure butterfat being ok for people with dairy allergies to eat. Ghee/butterfat is dairy & no matter if it's clarified & the lactose and some of the proteins are removed and is considered a milk allergen. I know that if I were to eat any I would end up with a really horrible allergic reaction. Just an FYI! :)   Another way to get some good fat in is to add flax oil or...
If you're on Face Book at all there's a couple of local groups for homeschooling, families, & parenting that are another way to make some connections & find resources about homeschool & vax info. If not I can ask some of the hs mama's I know here if they can pass on any info they have & I can get it to you. :) Heather
I had an email exchange with Andrea & she confirmed that she's planning on moving her practice to the Ellensburg/Yakima area, but that she's not sure of a date as of yet. For now though she's providing services to folks if they can travel to Bellevue for prentatal visits.  She will be at the CWU Earthday event on Wed Apr 18th doing her presentation at 1:30 and will also have a table with MW info from 10-4 on Wed as well.  This is very good news for this community!
Andrea is giving a presentation at CWU this week on MWery & I was planning on going to find out the scoop, now I know & it's awesome news!!   Thanks so much for the heads-up, I'll get in touch with her & find out what I can & post anything else on the board.
Corvallis is awesome, we just moved back to WA after being in Lebanon for almost 7 years & we miss the area terribly.   I agree with the pp about COLA in Corvallis being higher, I'd expect to pay more than $1,000 for a 3br, more along the lines of $1200-$1500/mo depending on location & amenities. Just next door to Corvallis is Philomath, rents there are cheaper & the commute is just a few minutes depending on traffic. Lebanon is much cheaper than Corvallis but is...
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