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We are a bedsharing family & my 20mo who has never been a good napper/sleeper still will not fall asleep or stay asleep unless I am in the bed with him. It's been fine for me to nap with him most of the time, but I am starting to feel like he should be able to stay asleep if i get up. we have a great routine for both nap & bed time that usually put him to sleep easily, but no matter how long I wait until i get up, he is up within 15-20 min of my sneaking out of the bed....
If you'd be willing to travel to Aurora I would recommend Susie Corcoran, she is an FNP who has worked as a MW for years (altho I think she is no longer delivering babes). She was our MW when our son was born & we've seen her for his healthcare, she is really great. Totally gets the delayed/no vac's concept, is really into holistic health care & is a really great provider. http://www.auroramidwifery.com/
That's with Debbie Cowart, she is amazing & is doing something really important for this Community. She wasn't our MW for our son's birth, but she was very helpful after he was born. Please feel free to PM me if you do end up moving this way. We have just heard that we'll be transferring with my partner's work & won't be in the area much longer, but I would be more than happy to share info if you need more! Good luck & I hope things go wonderfully for you & your family!
We've been in Lebanon for 6+ years and it's been a pretty nice place to live, we are big city transplants & we have enjoyed living here so much that we don't ever want to have to move anywhere much larger than Lebanon. It's was a timber/mill town & is somewhat conservative but we have found it to be very welcoming and folks seem to have a "live & let live" atitude for the most part. The community was hit really hard in the 1980's when timber harvest declined, but has...
Just wanted to reply & say that we are in the same boat, we are moving to Cle Elum & will be looking for a MW for HB & it seems like the pickings are slim out that way. I will be doing some checking & will post if I find anyone in the area.
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