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Cinco - I think I heard an NPR story about this type of therapy:   http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/317/unconditional-love
Adding as an afterthought....   I wasn't meaning any negativity towards breastfeeding at all.  In fact, I think it is the BEST thing for a baby.  I am sometimes sad that FS has never had any breastmilk.  
May1787, Don't let the logistics sway you, if fostering babies/giving respite is where your heart leads you.   I think the first step is to attend an orientation.   I imagine there are medically fragile babies who could greatly benefit from your expertise if you have any interest in that.  When my FS was a newby, we were in the NICU for 6 days with him.   I saw quite a few babies come in and out with special issues (HIV, drug exposure, etc.) that were headed for foster...
femeni, How long have you been taking care of the 9 month old?
We are working on adopting from foster care after a long journey through infertility and then jumping through the many hoops of becoming foster parents in a broken system.   We have our first FS who came home to us when he was just 5 days old.  Now he is 8 and a half months.  Right now, it seems as the only plan for him is adoption by us but we won't really believe it until adoption papers are signed.    femeni, it is amazing that there is only a few months between your...
Well.... I guess I knew I was infertile long before TTC.  I got married at 18 and I watched many of my girlfriends throughout our 20s get pregnant by accident.   I wasn't more or less careful than they were with birth control.  I never once was pregnant. I went for 3 years without using any birth control at all before TTC, I guess we were not trying/not preventing.  My periods are like clockwork.  When we finally started TTC after 11 years of marriage, I suspected...
Deborah, If your DH lands a job, will you guys be back in the adoption process?
I'm just checking in on Lilac.   Amazing job holding those twins to full term, Mama! Now, lets see some squishy newborn pics in the next few days.
 Lilac, I'm stalking this thread to catch a pic of the twins sometime soon! I consider myself a Bajingo grad despite never being pregnant. Maybe not exactly a grad- I got a GED and not a degree, lol.    I am cloth diapering my foster son as well. :) We have a mix of dipes,  I've had good luck with sunbaby diapers.   They are cheap but some people have issues with leaks.  I've used them exclusively for 6 months and haven't had many leaks.  Usually, the leaks are my fault...
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