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Smithie and Mamarhu, thanks for the advice on mediation.  I am definitely going to be sure the language keeps us with the power in that situation.    TeamViddy - I totally understand about the MEAN cat.  I have a very nice but rambunctious dog.   We never let her near the baby unsupervised or even really supervised.   She could at any moment catch a glimpse of our cat and run across the room leaving a smooshed child in her wake.   I think the dog has impulse control...
MountainMama, it IS funny because I was just considering the alternative as well.   My wait was not as long, and I am still getting several placement calls a month even though I am not on the waiting list.  But the uncertainty of EVERY case in foster care is so difficult.     I don't think there is a reason you are not being picked.  I talked with an adoption attorney, who was a friend of a friend, a few years back and he said the wait for a private adoption in our area...
The discussion on religion is an interesting one.  I feel like no one even considers it as a barrier around us where the need is so great. But maybe that is because I am a member of the dominant religion?  I believe that we had to sign something that said that we would not keep foster children from celebrating/participating in religious ceremonies of their own choosing nor would we force the children to attend church with us.  MountainMama - How does your agency show...
Hi Filamentary! I am in your area and a new mom.  If you organize a meetup, I'd like to join. 
Mooh, you should contact any local adoption agency.   There are many wonderful families waiting for babies.  The agencies will provide you with information about the waiting families and help you with all the legal steps.   
Tandy, Have you looked into foster care adoption?  
Yay, Deborah!  That job sounds like a perfect opportunity.  Are there any agencies that will work with you while you are also moving?  I know I would be getting impatient for the process to get started.    Fruitie - I hope that everything went well with your homestudy.  Mine was both harder than expected and easier at the same time. :)   Piratemere - I know all about waiting for court dates.  It is the story of my life right now.  Here's to patience!   TeamViddy -...
Great TeamViddy!   I learned a lot in my foster parent classes.  Although the baby I am fostering is a darling, happy, delightful kid who is actually ahead of the norm developmentally for now.  Most of the things we learned were about how to deal with the problems and I haven't used much of it.  The legal side of things- that is one messy maze.  I am glad I have a bit of a clue what is going on behind the scenes and in court.   
Also, it used to be that Foster Family Agency homes were the harder to place/special needs placements.  Now they place the same kids as the county.  For LA county, it was just easier to start subcontracting the work to the agencies.  
redheadlaughing - I think it is great that you want to adopt.   I am not sure about how challenging it is to be a single parent, but many people do it, and do it well. 1 good parent is better than 2 crappy parents anyday.     I think if you want to be a mama, nothing else will fill that void. 
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