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Hi Kristinkarr!   Your fost/adopt preferences seem similar to mine!  I wanted to be a mommy to an infant as well so I decided to "roll the dice" with foster care.  The older kids thing scared me as well.  Remember that you have the ability to accept or not accept any foster placements that you are called about.  This means that you can wait for a call where it seems like reunification would be unlikely.   However, there are no guarantees of adoption in these cases.  To...
Congrats, Deborah, on your new sis-in-law to be!
It is going great.  I am just wondering how other foster parents deal with the revolving door of caseworkers, etc.   We have at least one or two visits a week.    I am not so good at keeping the house clean.  There are piles of laundry and dishes.   It is just an added stress that I am not so psyched about. 
Welcome Ma Cactus! I think that learning to share his toys and mama are going to be a good learning experience for your 3yo.  :)   I don't have any bio kids but I imagine it is similar to when a new baby comes home.  Everyone adjusts - there are some kinks - but in the end, you settle into the new routine.      Newbian Mama  - any new calls?   Dornmama- Like NewbianMama, I didn't have to do a dear birthparents letter.   Since we are fost-adopt and taking...
NewbianMama- That is hard.  I can hardly believe how great the need is for foster and fost-adopt families.  I think you will probably get a few more calls before a match on both sides is made.  I think you did the right thing. If you didn't feel it was right, it is best that you said it wasn't right for you.   Deborah - I think it is great that you are keeping busy.  The waiting of adoption can get hard.   Queenjane - did you get your certification...
Sorry I've been MIA! I've been busy being mama to my new placement.  FS is 9 days old today! 
I couldn't post an attachment.   But I googled the form (most CA forms are online) and found it.  So here is the link: http://www.cdss.ca.gov/cdssweb/entres/forms/English/LIC9225.pdf
I had the same thought as NewbianMama, Deborah, let's hear how your meeting went!   NewbianMama, I will post the list of questions, I have to scan it first.  
Our case worker called, DH answered, we have our home phone set up to ring for 15 sec then forward automatically to his cell.  She didn't have many details about the case and when we said we were interested she was going to go and find out more. It fell through pretty quickly so we never did find out more details.    The second case, we had quite a bit more information - there was an infant and a 3 (almost 4) year old siblings already in foster care and they were looking...
We ended up getting two calls yesterday.  The child from the first call ended up being taken in by a relative.  The second was a call for a sibling set and I don't think we are prepared enough for a slightly older child.  We only have baby things.  Two calls in our first 24 hours after certification.  This just shows me how great the need is for foster parents.    It is incredible.   Hopefully, we will have a child or two in our home soon. 
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