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hey! My 7 yr old son wants to be a vegetarian.
hehe cute questions We use prefolds with mostly Diaperaps covers. We drive a Chrysler minivan. I'm interested in getting fitteds for my next baby.
We are Catholic, so I want to name ours after a saint. I'm thinking of choosing a saint from Sweden, because my late f-i-l's parents were from Sweden. I also like St Michael Homeschool, but I'm not sure yet....
edited.....will post the question in a more clear format later!
My son (almost 7) has decided to become a vegetarian. He says he doesn't want to kill animals. Now in our belief system (Catholic) eating meat is fine. But I told him it is not wrong to eat meat but he doesn't HAVE to if he doesn't want to. I told him that marshmallows and Jello contain animal products. He wanted to know if the animal had to be killed to make those items. We did research and I said "yes." So even if he can't eat Jello and marshmallows, he still...
Quote: Originally Posted by theatremum In mainstream circles it is considered "OK" and even "recommended" to give the kids Benedryl before going to bed. NOT ok in my book. I have done this a few times when our sleeping schedule has SERIOUSLY gotten off track. But never every night! I often myself take benadryl to sleep....and after a few days it's no good for me! (doesnt work)
I don't think Tylenol helps the baby sleep. My son slept well after his shots, and he hadn't had any Tylenol.
I think the prices at Trader Joe's are pretty reasonable. Comparable to Jewel (Albertson's)
Quote: Originally Posted by bri276 yikes. just another reason I'm glad I shop at WF. yeah not everything there is pure and organic but it's sure as heck better than Walmart Supercenter! yuuuuuckkkk. Do you find it's much more expensive to shop at Whole Foods?
Quote: Originally Posted by captain crunchy That's where we differ I suppose. Our child is (or will be, she is still only 5 months) allowed to eat anything we have in the house, for any meal. I don't worry about this at all, as we tend to eat very healthy, so it isn't as if she will be reaching for cheetos or banana splits, as we rarely have anything like that in our house. If however, we happen to have tofutti (vegan ice cream) or tortilla chips (I...
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