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My due date is February 25. This is my second child. I have a two year old girl and this pregnancy, so far, has been so similar I am pretty sure this is another girl.
Baby wearing on my way to the polls for the 2012 election.
I can't say I have, but I just wanted to say congratulations. I imagine it is very over whelming, but I read something recently that said 3 kids is the hardest number (statistically speaking), so moving up to 4 is a good thing (I guess, haha). 
I am not a home school mom and I only have 1 child (expecting #2 in February), but I just have to say that you are my hero. 5 kids and home schooling. You rock. I hope someone can actually help you, I just had to comment.
Welcome! I am glad you found this site. It can be so helpful. Congratulations on your little one.
I don't know if this is a problem for other people, but I can't read this. When I click on the image it is still too small to see.
Congratulations! Twins! Is this your first pregnancy? I think that just starting to show with twins at 16 weeks is great. I didn't have twins, but my first pregnancy I started to show at about 18 - 20 weeks. 
Hi I am pregnant with baby #2 as well. I am due at the end of February. I have told my mom, dad, sister, and brother. Last time I called my close family around week 6 I think. I didn't announce to anyone else until I was like 20 weeks. I think most people wait until about 12 weeks. I am having trouble deciding who I want to tell and when this time. I assume I will start showing earlier (last time I didn't show at all until about week 19) this time, so I feel like I will...
My best friend is an only child. She is very sweet and we have known each other since the 2nd grade. I never thought she was selfish or maladjusted. However, I will say she was not the smartest girl (still isn't). I have found that to be true of most of the only children I know. I think that something the only children I know missed out on was a lot of intelligent interaction between siblings. My siblings and I would play school all the time, read books to each other,...
Congratulations on baby #3! That is really exciting. Excited to have you as a new part of the Mothering Community!
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