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Mothering.com is great place for advice. I am glad to have you as a part of the community. It is so nice to hear from new people.
I don't know about reusable options, but a woman at a local mom's group I go to uses these pads on her kids bed. http://www.goodnites.com/our-products/goodnites-bedmats/default.aspx I think you can buy them at most grocery stores and stores that sell diapers.
I never used these, but hopefully someone else will see your post and be more helpful.
Oh my goodness those are some cute dresses. I would probably buy them from you if my daughters room had any more room. Too cute.
I had an amber teething necklace for my daughter, but I bought it for like $15 at a local boutique. I am sure you can make one yourself, have you done any google searches to see? I would maybe go to my local beading store to see if they could show me how to make one that would be safe for baby.
I remember my mom doing this to my sister and I. Unfortunately I am not in your area. I hope you were able to find someone.
I didn't have the problem of getting tired and uncomfortable so quickly with my daughter. To carry her around the house or hold her while I was eating, I would just do what it sounds like your MIL was doing. If that is too hard, I sometimes used my moby wrap and just wore her while I did stuff around my house. I usually sat on my couch with my daughter, but a friend of mine has a really nice glider that I loved to sit in when I was at her house. For baby #2 I am...
Welcome! I don't have any information to share but I saw your post and wanted to bump it up for attention. Hopefully someone will have something to share that will be of help.
I just went on a plane ride with my 22 month old. I brought stickers, books, a new baby for her, some bandaids to play with (what child isn't obsessed with bandaids?), coloring supplies, and some other quiet toys. I kept everything in my bag and she didn't know I had any of it until we were on the plane and about 30 minutes into our first flight. She was totally occupied for our flights and was actually quiet. I found that just buying a couple new items (at yard sales...
Congratulations! That is great. I delivered in the water and I loved it. My local hospital actually offers water birth, but they have an outside vendor that brings the tub in. I don't know much about tub availability in the Lacey area though. Good luck finding a tub and congratulations on baby #2!
New Posts  All Forums: