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I really don't have much experience with bullying as a parent (my lo is almost 2). That is a tough situation. I hate seeing kids act that way. I am bumping your question up so hopefully someone with better insight can help. I think you did the right thing. It must have been hard not to punch him!
We always let our cat sleep with us. From the beginning. I was nervous at first, but I actually found that he didn't want to be very close to the baby. He started out sleeping at the end of the bed and as she has gotten older he has started sleeping closer to her (or further depending on the occurrences of the day). I think every animal is different and whatever makes you comfortable is always best.
I am a huge Mothering fan. My mom read the magazine when I was a little girl and I read the magazines before I was even considering getting pregnant. When I did get pregnant (October 2010) I was super excited to get a subscription to the magazine. I was heart broken when I found out it was no longer being printed. However, I have found the Mothering website and community a lovely alternative. While it will never replace sitting on my couch reading a beautiful magazine it...
I have made a lot of lifestyle changes in the last year. I have become a stay at home Mom which requires a lot of frugal ideas. I make my own cloth diaper covers, which is a huge savings. We were given quite a few that cost around $20 a piece, I can make them for about $3 each or less if I use recycled old clothes. I also made our wipes out of old towels and a bathrobe. We planted a vegetable and herb garden, which is amazingly healthy and delicious plus it saves us gas...
I would love to try them. I haven't made the switch, but I have been interested in trying something new. I feel so wasteful all the time.
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