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NestingJoy- Beautiful.  Wise you are!
Snowshoeing just a few days before we found out we're expecting #2 :)
Snowshoeing!  #2 due in October ;)
UGH!  I second that!  I've been waiting well over a month and although the company has found the time to CHARGE me, they've not found the time to respond to my several inquiries requesting an ETA.  So glad you posted this- I cannot believe you ordered last July and still have received nothing.  I just filed a dispute with my credit card company.  Thanks for posting this- otherwise, I may have been optimistic and waited longer only to go past the credit card dispute...
Hello all- I am F.R.E.A.K.I.N.G out right now b/c I just had 3 amalgam fillings removed (1 larger, 2 really small) and I am nursing.  I didn't nurse my baby that night after the removal until the next day around 4am.  But, now I am really wondering why I didn't just wait until I'm done BFing!!  I gave in to conventional thinking and all the people around me saying "it's done all the time, don't worry".  Well, I am worried.  My little one is just over 12 mos old and I am...
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