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Hello Mamas,   I've been unsure of this pregnancy from the very start as I have been spotting all along. I'm writing to ask you to remove me from the DDC list. I am in the process of miscarrying and will not be joining you for the rest of this journey. I truly wish you all the most wonderful pregnancies and births!
If I make it through this trimester have been spotting from the start) I'm interested.   I'm in Canada :)
This is my 4th baby. My midwife and I decided to go for our first appointment at around 11 weeks. That way I'd have a good chance of hearing a heartbeat as I am open to using Doppler.
I am so sorry to read this .
Hi!   I've been keeping my distance from this DDC as I've been spotting since the start of this pregnancy but since I'm feeling nauseous as of late I'm feeling like I'd like to dip my toes in a bit.   I am currently nursing 2 of my children (one very full time and one very part time) and have been nursing non-stop since the birth of my eldest daughter . I strongly suspect that I'll be nursing throughout this pregnancy.   Nice to meet all of you
I also have wondfos and ended up getting annoyed about the faint, faint line that I was sure I saw but may have imagined so I ended up buying a First Response just to confirm. The First Response line was way faster and way darker. Now at 20dpo I'm getting a clearly visible line on my wondfos but, like Anaralia, my line is nowhere near the darkness of the control line.   I'm still spotting and am not enjoying this experience at all especially since I've now been...
I am happy to see that too. Sometimes it feels like a really big number to me and other times it seems just right. I think that it probably depends on how the 3 that are in my daily life are behaving .
Congratulations on your first PPAF TheCrunchyBrit . I'm loving your profile pic. too.  
Hello,   It's nice to be able to read a bit about what's going on for you guys.   Ocelotmom ~ I know what you mean about telling family. This is our 4th as well and telling them was actually something that I was dreading so much it almost swayed my opinion about ttc. I realized that I felt that that was a crazy reason not to have a baby so here I am.   I am not feeling any real symptoms except regular hunger and increased urination (which I could be...
Hi!!!   I'm so excited that this DDC has finally opened up. I got my BFP over a week ago and have been checking in often to see when it would get going.   I am due May 1st (Hi, RosieL I guess we really were cycle buddies) but expect that I will be later than that. This will be my 4th baby.
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