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I would have no qualms about raw milk. In fact, we give it to our small children every day. Most of the 'concern' is from the dairy industry. Conflict of interest, much?  
I am in! I've got a bag ready to go, but forgot to count. I'll do that before bed and start a fresh bag in the morning!  
Thanks all!
My dh is pretty quiet, but when he does speak up you better listen! He was not amused with her at all. I thought it was pretty funny, though!
Congrats, Jess! Grandbabies are so much fun!
Immediately after dtd Thursday night my contractions began. I got up at 1:30 am and began timing them. Three minutes apart, lasting one to one and a half minutes. I piddled around folding clothes and had a snack to see if they would get stronger. They did so we woke up the older boys and lined them out on taking care of the little boys and left the house at 3:30 am. We arrived at the hospital and, of course, my contractions had spaced out a little and were no stronger...
I like the Bravado tank. I was a 38 DD before and I bought the same size and one larger for immediately pp. I live in that tank!
I'm feeling great, too! This recovery is night and day different than the last! I feel as good as when I was recovering with #1 or #2!   I have no time online - I'm just taking a break from homework now.
I got a couple of Majamas sleep bras to wear the first few days pp. I am busty bordering on obscene when my milk comes in. I think these bras don't open wide enough and put pressure on the outside of my breast when nursing. I have a couple of hard spots that are not emptying; I am watching them and massaging, etc. This has never happened before and the only difference is these bras.   Just a heads up.   Congrats to new mamas. Easy labor vibes to laboring mamas....
I received a PM from a mom trying to get approved for membership to our group. She's gotten no response. Any ideas?
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