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Quote: Originally Posted by ihugtrees If she had gotten induced, would that have effected the cord being wrapped around the baby's neck? I'm not being snippy, I'm really wondering. I bawled my eyes out at the end of that thread... There is just no way to know. It may not have been the cord that caused the cessation of heart tones. All of mine have had their cords wrapped twice with no consequence at all. For me - I wouldn't feel safe going...
I'm going to ditto the PP and add one thing. Regardless of WHERE you purchase them all homeopathic remedies shoudl have somewher eonthe label that they are HPUS certified. Some brands are: boiron Dolisos Hylands Newtons Newtons is a liquid based form the rest are available in tab/pellets that you place under the tongue to dissolve or in powder form which is also placed under the tongue.
Quote: Originally Posted by inky leeuhhh for those of you who have had a couple already, and had the first one come before your due date- have your next babies also come a bit early? my dd was born at 38 weeks, and i was wondering what my chances are of having this lo a bit early. DS - 3/11/90 - 35 weeks DD#1 - 1/3/01 - 39 weeks DD#2 - 9/9/03 - 37 weeks This one - has been engaged @ 0 station for 2-3 weeks and i'm 35w3d now They have all been...
PLEASE read this thread Can my OB fire me? This is the thread the mom I mentioned started back in October.
I totally understand that you really want your homebirth but honestly there are risks with postdate babies. Some significant. As an example one of the moms on this board recently got irate enough with her OB who wanted to induce at 42 weeks (becuase she didnt' want it) that she fired her OB. Found a homebirth midwife - her NST's had all been fine as well as her BPP's too. Well long story short - she got to the point in herr homebirth that she wanted to transfer for...
Quote: Originally Posted by LilMamiBella I have another question. Are all UU churches welcoming of the LGBT? There are two UU's in my area. On one website it says that they are welcoming and the other website doesn't mention it. ven if they arent' an "official" welcoming church I've never once found a UU church or fellowship that was not LGBTQ friendly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Quindin Our midwives did all the cleanup. Many include that in the job Mine did too but she mentioned just "not callign her doctor" and doign it alone" which is why I said that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lisa1970 I actually think it will help if I give birth at home as I think it is all the needles and tubes and smells of the hospital that bothers him more than the birth itself. that is entirely possible. BUT if you do choose to do it at home how will he handle the cleanup process. As we knwo birth is not a clean thing, it is messy. If you choose to do it at hoem I'd suggest tryign to do it in the water that way...
Quote: Originally Posted by nighten For laboring, I'd much rather be in my own clothes (despite needing big pads for my waters). I was not happy about having to take off my comfy PJ bottoms to get on the bed last time, at the birth center, even. See, I'm one of those women tha cannot STAND to have anything on my bottoms. NOTHING goes around my waist, but then the last hospital birth i had i ended up naked anyhow so it almost doesnt' matter!
OK it sounds liek he has some pretty major issues surrounding birth itself. And I'm all for being as natural as possible but maybe you coudl talk with your caregiver about potentially prescribing somethign for him for his anxiety and at the very least he won't be in freak out mode even if he is completley useless. I'd second the askign him to watch the kids you do have too.
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