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My prof a few months ago told my clinical medicine class that drinking and breastfeeding was fine so at the very least there should be a more accepting generation of naturopathic doctors if a few years time. Many in the class seemed surprised when she said it. 
Do you remember what kind of beer you were drinking? ie. brand, flavour etc? I have not noticed any reactions from my son but perhaps there is a type of beer to be avoided.
I have a drink most nights and I still nurse. ( I didn't drink when I was co-sleeping though). Since I learned that blood alcohol level= milk alcohol level I was not concerned about it. Also, my naturopath and the LLL encouraged me to drink dark beer to increase my milk supply because hops can have that effect. I drink in public and nurse and no one has ever called me on it. My husbands side of the family is full of doctors and they are often the ones offering me the...
I'm glad you asked this question, I have a lot of trouble staying hydrated with me one year old sucking me dry. Every time I try to drink, he runs over and tries to play with the glass. 
I liked mothering and oak meadow on facebook too :)
I took the evaluation, might be a bit more informative when my son is a bit older. I hope this is kept available for a few years.
We have decided not to do santa but we will still have some of the traditions and plan to incorporate traditions from other cultures for fun. As a kid I equated Santa`s ability to break into my house as more of a security risk than anything. If he could use magic to get in (we had no chimney large enough) than so could vampires and other nasty creatures or people. I was terrified of vampires.
Thank you, I read through the thread but it is unfortunately a little old and we have since lost all our midwives in Halifax. There were three here when we started trying to have a baby. The whole program shut down the month before I found out I was pregnant. 
If there are any underground midwives in Halifax who would like to deliver my baby, please let me know (you can send a private message). I would love a home birth but that isn't an option here unless I go unassisted and though I am 90% confident in my ability to birth unassisted, having someone qualified or experienced would make it possible for me. 
I have never heard of a travelling midwife. How do you get a hold of one?
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