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Some men really seem to be missing some kind of hormone or gene that makes them understand how much work it takes to run a household! My man responds well to an occasional reminder that I would do just fine without him, that I have plenty of people who would help me out if need be. Luckily he loves his DD's (and me) enough to show up for them, so at the very least I have some free childcare right now. But honestly ladies, if that's all there is, what's the point? Do you...
Thanks Rainy! I was just thinking it could be titled the "Mothers of newborns who can barely get on the computer thread," haha, but actually I am very impressed by all who are showing up here with solid presence! Tell me your secrets!!   Big, big congratulations to all who just had babies, there was quite a flurry there right at the end of the month. So exciting to see one after another!   And big, big support for those still to come! Please do post; after all the...
Congrats Maine Mama!!!!!!   Danielle, beautiful pic, what a change to look forward to in just 4 weeks!   Darling family em!!   Thinking of all you pregnant mamas holding it together!   AFM, may be dealing with yeast, sigh. Baby Ocean is "clicking" while nursing and has a rash originating from armpits, red bumps across chest and into her neck rolls. It responds well to yogurt, so...Bummer. No diaper rash or problems with nipples, so it's a little strange.
Irielyn that all sounds like great news!! A relief on the mind for sure, if not the body! Thanks for sharing.   Ciga, thanks so much for the reassurance that cuddles will come back, and probably sooner than I thought. Phew!
Fantastic job em!! A stargazer!! Love his name!   Whew, I have maybe an inkling of where you were; my gal presented with her arm up by her face, so labor was longer and harder than I anticipated, plus a stubborn water bag hanging her up that we finally ruptured. Pushing went well after that but I was thrown for a loop there for a while, lost in timeless space not knowing what to do. I want to send out a hearty thanks to any of our caregivers that get us through these...
Congratulations em!!!
  Hi Ladies, sorry for my absence but it's been for the best of reasons, resting and recovering from giving birth to our sweet little girl on Wednesday early morning 1:55am!   Labor was much harder this time but I did finally succeed in pushing her out at home, a strong little thing at 8lb6oz. We are falling ever more head over heels in love with every passing hour!   To everyone still waiting, I can tell you the sun is really shining from over here and the trials...
Oh Irielyn too!!
Congrats Shiloh!!!   Had pretty intense contractions all night and today. Hoping this is it!!!   Sending out birthing love to you Rainy and em!
Yay littlebird!!!!
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