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Never had it, but I would definitely take a bite or two.   Chicory coffee?
I think I could find a way to eat either one!   WYR skydive or bungee jump?
 Yes, what's in bold. Anything that builds relationship is what I hope for. There is always a reason, especially in young ones, behind any given behavior. I think there are different kinds of time-outs, from what I've been reading. Removal from the community is the one I dislike so much. Of course we have to be socialized and learn how to get along despite feelings of anger etc., but I just feel so strongly that we also need to learn how to appropriately express our...
Flowers. I must be getting older!   WYR give a speech to a large crowd with naked pregnant belly showing (bikini top ok) or breast feed without coverup in bustling city plaza?
Oh YEAH!   Pate?
Y'know, I never did like those.   How about Red Hots?
A midwife from Belize once told me that sweeping, yes with a broom, is one of the best ways to encourage labor. You have to use what feels like every muscle in your abdomen at this stage. (Just one more thing to add to the list.)   Anyone else feeling like the couch is the only, one and only, place you wanna be? And of course I can't stay there with so much prep to do plus a 4yo plus working part time, but, boy does it beckon. It just feels so right when I'm there!!
Never tried it, but have heard from many children that the combo is delicious.   How about rattlesnake?   (I've had it-- tastes like chicken.)
Ooh both are so good! I guess roses, so sublime.   Would you rather stay up all to go dancing or watch a meteor shower?
LOVE seaweed!   Rocky Mountain Oysters?
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