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congratulations, everybody! Marnica, I love the name and I hope your recovery is fast!
i'm jealous of all you ladies who are feeling some action!!  good luck!  
I've got the 21st stuck in my head, too!  I think it's a good number (I was due the 16th).  Only problem is, my husband has a pretty big show that night and I would not want him to cancel it.  Here's hoping he'll just have to swing by the hospital after the set! I'll be thinking of you in the next couple of days, Tulafina!
what a story!  congratulations!
i'll join you as soon as I can, but I'm still waiting!
such a good story, and congratulations on finally choosing a name, i love it!
Thanks Dayle, I feel bad about those feelings too but I think it's important to be completely honest so that people understand that it's not that unusual. I bet we'll both do great when the time comes though! 
Thanks everybody for our support.  I know DH is going to be an awesome father and he is going to love having a baby, it's just that time where we are both having a bit of 'cold feet' about having a baby, but as first time parents and admitted former party animals I think it's pretty understandable, which is why I didn't have a total meltdown when he said that.  I am feeling similar feelings and actually think it's really healthy to process them in order to move on.  I...
It sounds like a few more of you are on your way, so exciting!  I have no doubt that I will be obsessively checking mothering today (while I should be finishing up assignments for school. humbug.)  My mom says she doesn't think this baby will come until I've finished everything so I'd better get a move on.     Flavorful, that sounds really lousy.  It would be nice if he could arrange one 'open house' so that you could just make plans to be out of the apartment for...
Good luck Carly, I hope this is it for you!
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