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WOWEE!  congratulations!  I just told my husband and I think he's finally starting to get the idea that we're going to have a baby of our own one of these days!  This is such exciting news.
Me too!  I'm still hoping that when zuzu is ready she'll come back and share her birth story with us.  
oooh, i love harlow!  hannah is also lovely.
@ courtney It's funny how quickly everything changes when nobody is watching!  They sound hilarious.
I am not forgetful, per se, but often I forget what I am saying midway through a sentence or get my words mixed up in ways I never have before.  I also can't stand being around most people.  Courtney, I think it's so sweet that your girls all want to be there.  They look so close in those maternity photos <3
Haha, I hear you, I know so many Davids!  DH always says "But have you ever met a Dave you didn't like?" to which I'm usually like "Umm, yes..."  I know what you mean about Jack being normal, I like a lot of other names on your list as well I just find Jack goes especially well with Dh's last name.  Good luck with your DH!
DH and I seem to have it narrowed down to two girls' names, Amelia Grace or Adeline Elizabeth, both of which we love and either of which I would be happy with... of course I could still change my mind but I'm feeling good about it.   As for boy names, we haven't even discussed them lately and are kind of at a stand still.  I have to laugh though, Erin, because at my house I'm the one stuck on Jack!  DH's ideal boy name is David.  I think it's a fine name but nothing...
oh my goodness, now I'm worried!  I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum, though, I have only felt hiccups about four or five times so far!
I haven't dealt with cloth diapers yet but I found this chart online and plan on using it!   http://www.diaperjungle.com/detergent-chart.html
I love that quote, Christy.  What a guy!
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