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When I saw this thread, I had to stop in.  We just moved to Texas two months ago, but before that I spent all of my first 33 years in Delaware :)  We'll likely be back in about 2-3 years.   My son went to the Nemours Pediatrics office in Middletown, but we did vaccinate so unfortunately I can't help with that part, nichole.  I do have to say that although I wasn't always thrilled with the wait times there, he did get excellent care.  And whenever anything happened,...
That was my first thought; that she's seen Mom and Dad kissing like that, and that Mom has mentioned to someone (perhaps to Dad or to a girlfriend, as tina mentions above) that Dad is a good lover.  I also agree with everyone that it is most likely innocent.  I would keep an eye on things, but I wouldn't stop the children from playing together.
I'm so sorry.
Thanks, everyone, you all have been very helpful!   (I am 33, by the way)
My intact son is 11 1/2, and has NEVER had a problem. :)
Love all of the belly pics! :)
  Same here...but I think I became cynical after working in HR in the corporate world for so many years!     Glad it worked out, Kaitlyn!    
Thank you, everyone!   belovedofbast - I actually am charting now, I started this month!  I'm nothing if not a planner   I wanted to make sure I had several months data before we actually started trying!   JMJ - I will definitely look into that!
^ I like this, a lot.  I was homeschooled during the elementary school years due to issues that my older siblings were having in school (so my parents pulled us all out).  I hated it so much.  I did NOT want to be home.  The funny thing is, I'm pretty reserved and absolutely an introvert.  But I wanted nothing to do with homeschooling.  I wanted to go to school everyday, see other kids, have some independence.  I guess my point is...homeschooling is not for everyone.  But...
New Posts  All Forums: