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Feral- I am so happy for you! I do hope the nausea cuts back though- that can be really rough. And I hear ya when it comes to big babies- told my midwife I was having a minimum 8 pounder, she kept swearing my DS was 7.5 MAX. I was right he he heee... Maia- I wish I could help. I had a couple of cousins that I used to live with that were the exact same way and all I wanted to do was shoot them. Of course knowing my luck my son will acquire my attitude and be just as dry...
I only say persevere because I looove steak and cheese, but it doesn't love me. I'm pretty used to alternative diets, and this one really appealed to me as I don't agree with the conditions many animals are put through just to get our food. It's just going to be a really rough transition for me is all. Downtown Abbey? Never heard of it. What's it about? 
Thanks everyone. I would have to say my words would be perseverance and mindfulness. Like I hope to persevere with this being a vegan thing...
Happy New Year! I realized over the last couple months that I needed to "get back to my roots". I had pulled away from the Goddess over the last year, allowing other people to sway my views. In doing this I lost my sense of self, as well as the psychic and empathic abilities I have had since childhood. I am hoping with this new year comes great change for everyone, especially myself so that I may be a better person for my son.
I don't care who you are, sleep depravation makes you think some pretty rash thoughts. We all love our little angels, and would never trade them for the world... but there has to be at least one night since their birth that we think something very derogatory or something along the lines of "now where was his receipt?!"
I remember that, and I'm not overly concerned about that as I'm a natural blonde anyway lol. I doubt it would do more than it's intended purpose anyway as I really only use it every couple of weeks if that.
I'm pretty new to this too, but one thing I started using because I hate the smell of vinegar is lemon juice. It works really well for me, but if someone has tried this and (eek!) their hair fell out or something, please feel free to correct me.
Funny thing, the night after I had heard about this book, I was having a really BAD night with my (then) two month old. I had the punchline going through my head when my mom saw what was going on and said "you know, I was at work today and saw this book I think you need to read." My mother works at the library, so I figured she had found me another book on Zen parenting. Lo and behold, she had downloaded Go the F*** to Sleep on her laptop. And while I love my son dearly,...
Both my mother and I were professional house cleaners for a while, and nothing this lady has done sounds at all professional. If you had no cancellation agreement with her, you had every right to cancel without notice, you didn't even have to offer pay. Even if you did, she needed to be more understanding about the baby and your husband. If she wanted a snack while cleaning, she should have brought her own food, or at the very least do what we are all taught from the...
Signed and e-mailed to family. My mom will probably shoot this to her prayer chain. Good luck, hon!
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