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I really like Glad Rags because you can add inserts to them to make them thicker. I also like Luna pads but also have some WAHM cloth. 
We do Santa I my 8 yr old asked if Santa was real and I just said he is if you believe he is.
Anyone know any peds in the columbia sc area who are ok with delayed or no vax?
I have a friend looking for a ped. in the area. She would like a Ped. who is ok with delayed vax or no vax. Also do any of y'all know of local natural moms groups on FB or green mama groups? Thanks
There are a few smaller health food store and trader joe's which is mostly packaged food. Also check out growing spirit on FB they have a great little unschool thing going on. It is on John's Island but they also have a great summer camp. There are lots of great things around. I love charleston :)
I know this is an old thread but depends on the area
Cheese, nuts, avocados. pastured eggs are quick and easy to fix. So are raw cheese quesadillas. I use spelt tortillas or w.w. tortillas. I try to make extra at dinner that I can heat up quick the next day or 2 for snacks. Also granola with yogurt or milk. Hope that gives you some new ideas :)
I would def. try to heal it thru diet. More often than not its a gut issue. It is irritated by conventional dairy, wheat, sugar etc Strong probiotics would be a huge help as well as fermented foods. Check out the GAPS diet 
I just felt ill in the morning. I never get too sick though. Also i get really tired. 
you can always ask on Coastal birth services FB page. Nicole might go to parts of GA or know someone who does https://www.facebook.com/groups/101399646142/ Also natural birth mama's is nation wide and might have ideas too https://www.facebook.com/groups/250503388365022/
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