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 I am also interested in any good charting apps to avoid?! Does anyone have any good recommendations? Do they list for you if you are ovulating or fertile or anything? thanks!
 Try looking around online for essure lawsuits. I know there are a lot of groups of women with side effects and issues related to Essure.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Essure-problems/178631888835781
It's really hard not drinking it. I really enjoy the warm, sugary yummyness of coffee. I need to take a break from it though. Today is day 3 coffee free, I am feeling pretty good today thankfully. It's chilly out here so coffee would be good but I don't want to give in. The little I drink definitely wears on my adrenals I can tell a difference already. Sad but true, lol
I decided once and for all to finally give up the caffeine/sugar addiction of mine. I never drank a ton of coffee but the little I had my body got hooked on, plus I am caffeine sensitive (and have fibrocystic breasts that hurt during pms), so I am going clean. Today was day one, no coffee, no candy bars, nothing. I had the worst headache all day, finally have in took some Advil, had to do some parenting from my bed! How much longer til this withdrawal gets better?
Thank you sooooo much!!
No one?
I am wondering if anyone has had any success increasing their libido thru diet change? I sadly have zero, zip zilch sex drive. I would like to have one though? lol. I am wondering if maybe a diet change could help? Thanks! :)
I agree 100%!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one that wants less technology at my fingertips!
Your post reminds me of myself a bit. I grew up strict born again Christian home, lived in a little bubble so to speak. Now fast forward years later, I struggled a long time with Christian guilt and thinking everything I did would make God sad, etc. I was interested in reading about Buddhism or philosophies or yoga but always was scared I would make God angry. I finally started to get over it by going to a meditation class teaching about angels. I still consider myself...
$10 is nice! Would live to save my family some money each month, dang phone is too expensive!
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