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      I think we are being etiquette punked, people.   Velochic, much applause for the fine performance art.
    Did he put them on a plate and pierce them with the tines of his fine silver fork?            I'm just forking with you lol.  
I don't partake in soup.  It's too loud, no matter how careful one is.    
      Yes.   While I can appreciate velochic's passion in this thread, I certainly hope she's not staring at the patrons to ascertain and judge their level of manners and/or etiquette. Because, that would be abominable in the manners department.   I absolutely detest staring. I have impeccable dining decorum, but I don't trouble myself with how other people conduct themselves in the eatery, my focus is on my meal and my family.   
Dax!     That is so awesome.     And many congratulations on your lovely baby.
Good heavens, yes!   Thank you.    
  My children (ages 3-8) follow my carefully set down eating rules whether at "the one step up from a fast food joint" such as Outback or hoity-toity dining establishments - which we have the luxury of visiting very often.   All three use napkins, the correct silverware etc.. although the eldest does have the annoying habit of attempting complex origami with the napkin.    It's creative, we let it slide.     On the rare occasion there is any funny...
Congratulations!   Kayden is beautiful
What a lovely idea!    I suggest smokey quartz. My hubster does something similar although they jokingly refer to them as the Jack Coven.  Jack is hub's BFF and organizes the trips so I guess that makes him the camp leader.      They don't hunt but do other activities.   They're pretty secretive.  What happens in the coven, stays in the coven LOL.  
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