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Quote: Originally Posted by abimommy If it was bannable it would make my own bacon thread in N&GE atm a little awkward. HA! I'll have to go check that out. Thanks for the title change!
I'm just reeling from the not liking bacon comment. REELING! I tell you.
Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! Whisper!!!111!!!Eleventy!11!!! mebbe some turkey b-youknowwhat?
I haz da whines! I like being "banned", and I've been banned for two years for not choosing a Senior Title. Was thinking maybe if I mention bacon, I'll get a new banning this year? Or would that be a Ban?
My absolute favorite thing about doing a RAOK like paying for the person behind me in line is that it IS totally anonymous. Someone said, upthread, that she wished she could thank the person who bought her coffee - and I think that most ppl who do the ROAK thing anonymously do it that way specifically do they can't be thanked. It makes me all blushy and red and embarassed, in fact, I'm about dying that I'm even posting on this thread, admitting that I've ever done it,...
If she's flat out said that she wished someone would tell her why her friendships don't tend to last, and you would feel comfortable, it sounds as if she's open to hearing your discomfort with her communication. I would probably bring it up in conversation, something about ME being told something that was hard to hear from a friend, like, "I remember a while back, you said that you would like it if someone could tell you why [you suck eggs] ...well, my mom was mentioning...
Mine have all loved to exercise their little legs at that age. Babies are so funny! They've all turned out fine.
FWIW, my Honda Pilot is a certified low emissions vehicle, so I park there and if anyone gives me a look, I point to my sticker and smile and wave.
Oh, I hope the new doc is as helpful as it's sounding like he might be! I am astounded that the previous doc said something that heartless, even if it was meant to be said in a way to commiserate, that's just not okay. Hang in there, my husband has been an invaluable resource for me when I had to navigate the murky waters of PPD and we've grown closer because of it. Take care of yourself, in any way possible, if there is anyone you trust to take over for a little bit to...
It's normal to feel frustrated, exasperated, tired, etc., but for me, feeling angry more often than I used to was a sign of PPD. Personally, the anger didn't manifest at the baby, my poor husband took the brunt of it, but a disproportionate amount of anger is a sign for me that PPD is kicking in.
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