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I couldn't vote, because the choices started too LATE! My highly active little guy needs tons of sleep to continue his plans of world domination, so in addition to his (usually) 2 naps per day, he goes to bed between 5:30 and 6. He wakes around 7 am and doesn't stop moving until his nap.
Another worried poster here. I'd be much more concerned about what the drug would do to my child than what the doctors might do. I avoid using medicines unless necessary, as well, but there is most certainly a time and a place. I've never met a doctor who would perform any unnecessary test or procedure on a small child for funsies. Rest assured that if they don't feel as if anything is necessary, then they will send you right home. I truly hope you cannot read this because...
My boys are almost 5 and almost 2, and they still wander in and out of the bathroom during every stage of the day - from toileting to bathing! I've just now started to be more modest in front of my bigger one, because I noticed that he would spend more time staring than with which I was comfortable, but that just means I turn around when I am topless and changing into jammies, or whatever. I think that if everyone in your household is comfortable about your level of...
I crush the pill up with the back of a spoon into a powder and mix it with tuna water, the runoff from the can, you know? I have had 2 boys who are lethal when it comes to pills and will literally hide them in their cheeks for minutes, and then spit them out. Boogers.
EGGS?!?! Please tell me they're hard boiled, at least. The Thousand Island + sugar + eggs (I can't help but picture them raw) = puke city. You poor thing! Are the kids even remotely tempted? And pink. PINK! *shudder*
I think you absolutely did the right thing. If he realizes that he wants to pursue a relationship with you, then he will. It's really just that easy. We try to make it complicated and all multitiered with emotion, and for many males, it's really straightforward. He will either want to date you, or he will move on, and IMO, the healthiest thing you can do for you and your kiddo(s) is to try to heal and move through this and if he comes back around, deal with that then....
Becky - I have 2 boys, and seeing the difference in their personalities is so helpful to me, to understand why A, B and C just don't work for other parents like they do for me. Your little guy sounds EXACTLY like my little one, and he's 23 months old. He's just recently gotten to a stage where he is learning to be helpful in short bursts, and I'm finding appropriate things for him to do while I cook or clean. He adores taking things out and in, like the dishwasher, but he...
I'm so sorry! What a crappy situation. I can't imagine trying to wean an infant off a drug and have the accompanying side effects, knowing babe is uncomfortable and dealing with crankiness all day long. I'm glad you found a path to take, and I hope it goes well for you. I would want to do testing on the liver, if that's the organ that can be affected, and I would definitely expect it to be compensated.
Well? Any updates on the weekend so far? :
I can't wait to hear how today was.
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