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I've "popped" in the last week or two, and I can certainly feel it! It's really getting in the way now. Definitely obvious, and for the first time, I'm pretty much having to wear 100% maternity, and not really able to get by with regular clothes that fit low, except my jeans, and those are getting pretty tight!
When I told my OB that I don't do well with sugar, and asked for an alternative, she immediately offered one. I heart her. We're doing postprandial testing - at my next two appointments, I eat a normal meal 2 hours before my appointment, then I ask for a blood draw upon arrival. The end!
I don't know why you think the TO didn't work just because he had a tantrum about it. I know a lot of moms here don't do TOs, but we do them sparingly, and while the boys don't always sit quietly in TO and then thank me upon arising and are known to fuss about it, well, it works. It deters the behavior and has very much helped out around here.
I don't really have many conditions, as long as my children are kept safe and loved by those who are caring for them. Obviously, I don't leave them with just anyone, so I'm assuming I don't have to say, "no molesting, no kidnapping, etc." We expect our basic tenets of parenting to be honored: do not spank my child, don't lock him in a dark closet, etc. Otherwise, I realize that I cannot control everything, and as long as they are being loved and protected, they're just...
Thinking of you today, I hope that you continue to be motivated and that you find some fabulous help for the depression. Please let us know how the court hearing goes. I'm praying for you and your kiddos.
Oh, I'm so sorry. You are in my thoughts.
OH MY GAH. I am so sorry. The more you post, the more disgusted I am with the whole lot of them. I have zero advice, just support and encouragement to keep on fighting for her and never to stop. I'm so glad she has you to stand up for her right to be safe from seeing him. I'm just so sorry, and I'm so sad that her entire family on the other side is more concerned with convenience than keeping her heart and body safe. And this... Quote: Because he is family...
Both my babies had RSV as newborns, both BF. It's scary, but it's easily treatable. They can get very sick, very fast. If you see signs of him laboring to breathe, like pulling with his belly, through his ribs (stridor), any blueness around his mouth/nose/lips, wheezing, or any other signs that worry you, please take him in. As other posters have said, better safe than sorry. Has he had a temperature at all? The best news can be that his O2 sats are 99-100% and that...
I'm so torn between a birth center and a hospital birth. I keep putting it off and off and off, because it feels so early, but I know that it'll be here before I know it!
I consider it appropriate teaching to enforce that only they are allowed to touch their own penises, or in case of needing to clean or doctor it, Mommy, Daddy, or the doctor with Mommy or Daddy's permission. It's just a fact, not a punishment or shaming or anything. Not an issue with the little guy yet, so I refer to H almost exclusively since he's old enough. We tell H, "That's a private thing to do when you're alone in your bedroom or the bathroom, okay?" and if it...
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