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Bump - any news?
My main thought is this - it's only been three months that you've been really wanting to change things, and imagine how short a time that must seem to them, out of 3 years, and 4 years of their lives! All they've ever known is discipline and a family dynamic that was in place before, and suddenly, things changed. Did you sit down with your husband and talk with your kids about the change? Have you clarified with your kids about the changes you want to make? I'm trying...
He is so precious! It looks normal to me, too, Henry's would look pretty plump some days, like S's is in pics 4 and 5. I am a little nervous about you taking fruit completely out of his diet, though - the natural sugars in fruit help regulate bowel movements, and keep us regular, and there is a ton of fiber in a lot of fruit. Will you consider adding that back in? I don't know that such a big and abrupt change in diet is that easy on a little guy's body.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cujobunny I vote bored and unable to resist temptations (like every kid that age ) Yep, I agree. Bored, tempted, low impulse control, perfectly normal. That is a difficult age, because you think they're old enough to know better and it can really twist you up, but they're just not. They're so little, even when they act and seem big. They need constant supervision most days, redirection, etc. There were weeks when...
I'll be 11w on Wednesday, and just thought I might be easing out from under it, but alas, the last few days have hit me hard. This is the first time I've had m/s, so I'm trying to focus on how lucky I am, instead of being upset, but I'm sick of puking. It's gross.
I thought I just might get away this time (I did great my first PG, had terrific skin, then had horrid cystic acne the first tri with my 2nd), and nope, it hit about 2 weeks ago. Thankfully, the cysts are staying mostly underground this time, so while I have to be careful not to scratch too hard on the trouble spots, at least they're not volcanoes on my face. Hopefully this will go away like they did last time, around 14/15 weeks.
We'll be getting this bed for the boys when Ben turns 2, and he will be sleeping on a mattress on the floor as the bottom bunk. We'll put up a guardrail around each side, but he'll have just turned 2. In fact, it's his already planned second birthday present!
I get terrible migraines during pregnancy. Jo - good to know, like your post! I take Tylenol-based meds when I have to, I also find that mine are triggered by not enough sleep, not eating every 2 hours, not eating enough protein, eye strain (too much time on the computer - eek!), not enough exercise (yoga works wonders!) and a huge one for me - allergies. If I remember to use my neti pot 2x a day, take an allergy pill on really bad days, stick with yoga 3x per week, and...
The Hermie the Caterpiller movies are usually pretty good, with negligible amounts of scary. If there are scary parts, they are fairly mild, and are used to show that things can be misinterpreted into something scary when they really are not. They are about God and usually talk about the "Golden Rules" aka the Ten Commandments, kid style, so they're not for everyone. Also, the VeggieTales movies usually rock, but the older ones tend to be less scary than the newer ones.
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