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Yes! Oh, I felt like such a bad mom when I felt it, that I'd never noticed it before. Ben doesn't have cc, but he does have the ear thing. It does feel exactly like cc, though, so I'm also going to treat it with some dabs of olive oil and rub it gently with a washcloth.
Yep, another yeah that. I am doing my tomatoes in pots this year after unsuccessfully trying to get them to thrive in our clay soil. They're doing great so far!
I think I can sum up the next 50 posts really quickly: First 10 posts: Yes! Totally! Post 11 : It's ridiculous to extrapolate behavior to an entire group based on one child. Posts 12-20: Yeah that to Post 11, especially since my child never uttered a whimper without me attending to him and he totally manifests the traits you describe. Post 21: And what about the children who are special needs? Kids with autism or SID often display characteristics that are "different"...
Oooh! I thought of another one...I get really excited about random (and usually terribly mundane) things, and want to share them with everyone I know. When Orange Clean first came out, I bought it right away, and at a smallish party with some really cool, hip people, was talking to the funniest girl at the party. I have no earthly idea how it came up, but all of a sudden, I heard myself saying, "Yeah! And they extract the oils from the skins of oranges to make the cleaner,...
I am demanding of DH, always expecting him to meet certain criteria, like being on time to go out, putting his dishes in the dishwasher, putting on the baby's diaper just so. However, I expect to be totally accepted on his end, faults and all, and am highly offended and pout when he is irritated about me being late, not putting my dishes in the dishwasher, etc. I am also highly gifted at making my mistakes his fault.
The direct spawn of Satan. That help any?
You can make a simple sugar scrub from it, or I have an absolutely KILLER cake recipe that uses OO for the fat instead of butter. It's an amazing, amazing cake. And I have never tasted the OO in the cake, so I bet you wouldn't taste it especially with the vanilla and *ahem* frangelico in it.
I just settled on and am ordering our first official homeschooling stuff. I'm just so excited! I worked as a crisis counselor for at-risk youth, and as a result, have been heavily involved in the public schools in many districs over the course of 5 years, and I knew right away that we would be needing to find alternate education for my (future) children. Darrell (Mr. Very-Strict-Financier) didn't understand my vehemence, and all I told him was that he was welcome to go...
On whose side am I if I watch all his shows while I fold laundry and the kids sleep, but I don't have a crush on him? What if I half the time root for him, and half the time want to throw things at the TV because he was going to go all medieval on someone and then chickens out?
Quote: Originally Posted by haleyelianasmom Tie-Dyed, that's exactly what my husband says about Jesus' suffering and his own struggles. I just still question why, when God is within all of us and "knows" everything, would he be like "hmm, I don't know what human life is like." And assuming that he did need to experience human life, there is such a range of human experience... But again, if God is everywhere and in everything, wouldn't God already know...
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