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No, that's something I don't struggle with. I will not let my children eat candy for lunch. Personally, I believe that would be unfair to the child. As far as practical solutions, keep junk food out of your house. If you believe your dd needs to make her own decisions about what to eat, provide her with several healthy options. If my mom had given me the choice, I would have eaten junk food all day everyday until I was about 13. Children are not always mentally...
I do some, dh does some, we do some as a family. I do most of the chore like stuff...mailing cards, wrapping presents, etc.
"wool quilts are where its at.: " That's right! I just bought the whole family new cotton quilts. They'll have to do until I can get around to quilting everyone some wool ones. I learned by trial and error. I started piddling with sewing in high school. I still consider myself a beginner. I'd really like to take some classes at the local sewing shop. I want to start making dd's dresses. I can't find much that I like in the stores. I think I would learn better...
My dh doesn't travel right now but a couple of years ago he was a touring musician. Sometimes I was able to go with him. When I couldn't, I normally went to my parents house (about 1.5 hrs away). It wasn't very stressful for me as far as taking care of my dd, she was a baby then and still an only. My problem was dealing with my paranoia that my dh would be seriously injured or killed in a car accident or freak terrorist attack. :
I can't wait to give my dd her ballerina quilt. She's going to love it!!!!
I'm looking for all cotton quilts or comforters. I've already looked at ebay, amazon, www.smartbargains.com, overstock.com, Target, HomeGoods, and TJMaxx. Are there any other bargain places out there???
Quote: Originally Posted by lisa2976 Can you make the return in-store if you need? Shipping a rug back might be a PITA. I'm not sure. If not, I probably won't risk it.
Target.com has a huge selection of rugs. I've found a couple of wool rugs that are just what we are looking for. They are each several hundred dollars for 6 x 9, orientalish style. We want a nice rug, however, I've never really expected much quality out of Target products. Has anyone else bought a pricey item like this from Target? Were you satisfied?
put a napkin with only the word "Vacant" on it in my mailbox? I put one piece of mail in the box this morning. When I checked the box this evening it was empty except for a napkin that read "Vacant". Of course, I'm not positive it was the postman who left the napkin. Can anyone solve this mystery for me?
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