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Early baby
My knitting attempts are driving me crazy!! I tried with a thin yarn but ended up having way more knit stitches than I had cast on. Then I switched to this and it got too tight to work with. Now I'm trying with just a chunky yarn but it's slow going and also seeming tight. I'm tired of unraveling....any advice.
Oh I love that. Your so much faster than I am. It almost looks like a soft denim in the first pic.
Isa nice- what type of yarn do you use for the dish/cleaning clothes? I am ready for some bright colors! I couldn't sleep last night and made an extra hat to go with the set since Easter will come soon after the baby.
That is a cute pattern. I'll have to try broomstick lace again. I tried it years ago with a fluffy yarn and it didn't work out!! I'm done at last
Lovely Shell!! Enjoy every second. Big boy!!!
@isafrench thank you. They are the colors of her nursery so I can't take credit. I am doing a bunny hat with the leftover yarn and I've had to use a conversion chart to follow the pattern. I learned before you tube as well when pregnant with my second. I stopped for a decade or more- then picked back up a few years ago. The library is a good idea! This thread has gotten busy!!! Yay!!! And good ideas out there for us ushering in spring?
Crochet is with a hook- walmart and Joanne's/acmoore have a nice learn to crochet or learn to knit kit for about $10-&15. It has the basic hooks and needles. After that there are plenty of free patterns online and in the yarn sections of stores. I started with crochet and in trying to get the hang of knitting. Once you get the hang of it, it's addicting. good luck-
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