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Oh I've done a few sweaters like that. Have you ever seen the patterns on you tube. I usually fast forward through much if it but the visual is good. There needs to be a universal crochet language! I follow someone on Instagram but her patterns are Sweedish and hard to follow. I'm nearly done with this blanket. I fell asleep with it last night.
Wow Shell I thought for sure you'd be delivered! Enjoy your last peaceful weekend I hope you can soak up some sleep. Any hello to any other hanging on lurkers out there
Wow Isa the blanket finished nice. What is that final row? Just a granny stripe row? That's a good idea about the smaller projects. As my blankets have grown It has become to bulky to slip into my purse to take along. I have yet to finish and as this is my first granny stripe I'm going to have to find a tutorial for finishing/weaving in. I'm trying to decide between stand alone stripes or an edge.
Skj posted 11/15. She'll must be carrying that baby on the outside by now. Good for you!! And good luck!!
Occasional lurking- any word on shell? Anyone?
Oh I like it! I haven't tied a square yet.
Isa do post a picture!!! I'm so anxious to finish this blanket. It's for my daughter who us due in April. I see so many spring things I want to start but I'm trying to finish this one first. I also organized my yarn a bit tonight.
Oh I like that! It's different. Congratulations on gaining a customer. It always feels good to have our hard work appreciated. The one I posted is a baby blanket as well. I like these colors best so far:
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