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@frugalmama- I love it! My mind has been turning in that direction after I up cycled some sheets and a few thrift store items to make rag wreaths. I actually asked on another thread if anyone was doing any kind of rag rugs but got no reply. How exactly do you turn the t shirts into crochet material?? I'd love some insight to minimize my frustration in experimenting after the holidays. Any tips?
Just lurking. Caritas rainbow and gelato big congrats!!! Wonderful news to see. Keep us posted.
We made a rag wreath with some thrift shop up cycle fabric. We will do another with Muslin and burlap. Does anyone have a good experience making a rug of some sort? Rag rug? Circle or rectangle?
SeasonAl hats, infinity scarves for gifts and a blanket. I love the bag of "leftover cotton" very nice
Hi everyone. Adie it does sound like you've got things moving in the right direction! That doc does sound great. Distracted is good but the dpo are adding up. Hope youre doing well. Chourd I hope your having a nice visit and I'm glad dh is coming along- these medical guys can be stubborn. Chrissy it sounds like things are moving along in a good way for Ds. Having them in school changes the landscape of our lives. I'm still getting ready for winter. My hands are...
Just a quick stop in to say hi everyone. I was thinking of Shell today. Anyone hear from her. Good luck all.
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