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A couple non-stickers.
HI, wow. It sounds like your having a bad start here.  That is tough about the houses and closings here also take so long.  I'm not sure what to say about the housing search as i don't know detail on much more that my own South towns experience- but then we were looking for a bit of a lifestyle change from the city where we still have a house and spend part of our time.  I like orchard park and Hamburg but those are just places I venture out to beyond East Aurora.  No...
Couple of hours but it varies. Regular appointment and ultrasound in the morning then over to the surgical center to get settled in. Surgery, recovery, and out in the early evening.
Aww adie. Sorry about the let down. Glad to see your hanging in there. Chrissy. So happy your son likes school! Being alone is odd huh? Sila and skj. How are you cooking? Chourd. You are an example to is all for staying positive. I'm stacking wood and getting ready for fall/ winter. Hi to everyone else!
I hope your in and settled. I was just thinking of this and wondered where you landed.
hi. last night i was trying to say:   Hi everyone!  it doesn't seem like a dead thread.  I read along now and then but i am really trying to break all my ttc habits and go in a new direction.   not your fault shell- not at all- i think the timing- my giving it up- TF's tragic experience- and Indies bad news just put us off the ttc game as we recover in our own ways and directions.   Good Luck Adie!!!   Chourd- glad to hear you got the all...
Lost post. Ugh. I'll be back
Congrats Chrissy what a lovely site!! Shell. Uti? Vaginal progesterone? Watch for fever. Sila isn't it wonderful. Hi everyone.
Hi Chrissy. My former dh could never handle stuff like that either. Write everything down and hang in there. We are all here with you and anxious to find out what's going on. For both things. Your so good waiting til Monday. I think I tested 3x a day last time just watching it fade. At what point will you go to the docs? BG hugs and fx for Ds update as soon as you can.
Hi. Sorry I've been away for so long. It looks like you've been busy. Sorry south/east aurora didn't work out. No diversity....except at our house. All the areas/burbs seem different and very competitive to me....kind of like high school girls putting others down to prove their own popularity. I have found and enjoyed many farmers markets and farm stands. Yes wegmans is OK. Local foods restaurant...not really. Every time I return from the city I cringe at what is...
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