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Agree. I've worked with many OB/GYN docs. There are the ones that only like or can handle low risk routine 20 some things. Over 35 is ama so considered higher risk. This doc sounds lazy and narrow minded...I wonder sometimes why they go into the field. I would look for an OB who adverts high risk pregnancy. Even if you have no complications its someone who accepts challenges. ALSO a group with a doc and cnm would be great.
Hi everyone. Hugs shell hang in there. I was just reading through and chuckling about your up all night reading the old threads and how very pregnant that sounds...you sound very pregnant. Deep breath.
Hi Chrissy &all. I am in Brooklyn. Reading along now and then. I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing kids birthdays. Enjoy! Congrats Sila. Wow Shelly! Happy holiday pics chord. Nice. And just hi everyone.
Very pregnant. Congrats!! Best sight. I didn't test. Cramping and temp drop. Gonna back into lurking. AF is knocking at the door.
How about applause?
Oops. That posted to fast. Accepting all crossed fingers for morning. I'm not sure I'm feeling it although I was sure on Friday. Hi everyone else. Adie- any luck? Anyone heard from bebe??
Hi everyone. I had an unexpected and wonderful weekend away. Testing in the morning. 12 do. Shell.....ooohhh. god I hope you're wrong. It looks like d day for both of us. I wasn't doing anything other than gluten free diet with the bfp. I have since done a femara and clomid just to give it one more shot. I am feeling just the same minus the monthly payment. We both test in the morning. Hi Chrissy. Chourd its tough not knowing what's up.
So upon reexamining last week...I texted dh Wednesday morning about 930 that I thought I just o'd I think that makes me more like 9dpo. I also think I might see what could be a hint of a shadow of a line on A frer. Really not sure at all....that's why I think. When a frer is negative its stark. Personals later. Again. If this post works. I lost two long ones yesterday.
Test. I have posted 2x. Lost lost
Awww Chrissy. So sorry. It sure was a stressful month for you. I'm sure that didn't help things. Chourd....test? Sila I hope your right. Shell - staying calm cool and collected? We need puppy pictures. Me- well time is dragging and so am I. Post clomid? I have a ton of heavy work to do but I am reluctant. I just shoveled rock for 45 minutes but when I went to go get the concrete blocks to go around it....well I backed out. Haha. I am sure a little lifting...
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