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I like kudos....or gold star.
Good morning everyone. Why is it that on the rare day that you can sleep in...you can't sleep. Jack. Sorry for your bfn and stress. What's Portland like besides the coffee options haha. Indie. I'm glad your at least on the roller coaster and not standing in the cue. Even if your cycle doesn't make sense I hope its working. Clomid early is supposed to make more follicles ripe rather than make one big....so.....come on follies! Chrissy. I'm glad you still have...
Biggest hugs Tf. Very nice Shell. Keep calm and be sticky. Jpck and Chrissy. Keep on poas. Its early. I know it feels like doom. Chourd nice links. I am near you...I think 6dpo. Aiming to test Friday. You? Indie...hang in there. What's big brother? AFM well back in the woods. 6dpo or so. Readjusting to my surroundings. Trying to be still inside Hi everyone else.
Hang in there Chrissy. I never can....but trying is good. Shelly? Thinking of you. I hope everything went well.
Having an obsessive kind of day....anyone else out there?
Good luck shell! Enjoy your day.
Also. I think I o'd today...we are going to have a steady stream of tests all being a day or two apart. I'm ready to test today!
Part time!!! For sure...at 4 months when you go back she will just be getting to be fun. Having those two extra days will be so worth it!!!
Chord. Nice thought for the day. Glad you found me on IG. I am doing the modified shower friendly hippie thing..
Oh shell that's awful. All Silas suggestions are spot on. Inject as slow as possible. Give it a long gentle massage. I used to have some people come in and I would do them. When I worked in an admin setting I did a secretaries for her. She would even come over on weekends. Is there anyone who can assist? If it gets really bad ask about your thigh. It is an even bigger muscle but a lot of people are squeamish about it. I would do it!! You just stab yourself while...
New Posts  All Forums: