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(Pardon my droid) 99.89 a whole degree plus higher than usual. It also occurred to my that I do not have my usual PMS symptoms....haven't even thought about chocolate. Hurry up morning. Bulk would be good chourd but I think this was my last dance...back on the wagon for me. So I will indulge in some full on obsessing for a couple more hours...and decide to take another progesterone or skip it. Tf I will send. I am so glad your dh will soon be home!!! Are you still...
Hmmm I would probably freak too...but hang in there. Well....I Googled those tests it looks like lots of false pos...and a few were great for people showing up right along with frer so as my frer was neg I think I just got a quick evap line or something. But my temp is quite high tonight. I temp most evenings as well. Its
Haha...test...who me....I realize some of you don't know me so well...I am trying to wait till morning...and I am trying to tell myself morning is not 12:01am....it was easier when I had cases of urine test strips around...now I have to go buy the things.
Oh vhourd cross post. So sorry....hang in there. For spoil yourself a bit. Hugs!
I do on cheaply... I thought I might on free but its from 4am....I saw it more on negative
Itchy trigger finger. Quintuple post
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