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Okay - the deal with numbers is that with such a low number she may not have practical experience handling certain commoner complications. I would ask both midwives whether they have dealt with dystocia, PPH, second degree or greater tears, chorio, meconium, suspected eclampsia, cord issues and neonatal resuscitation protocols. 230 is less than half that of my cousin who is still a resident and thus practicing under supervision.
I was doing some reading that said that given the higher maternal mortality rate and larger families (a mother who delivers 10 times obviously is at a greater risk than one who delivers once) meant that the risk of maternal death in 1600s America was 1 in 8. I'll see if I can find the link. I do find the idea that there is some ancient lost wisdom of midwives that we would substitute for our care today about as plausible an idea as claiming that Gone With The Wind is an...
And not just germs, but placenta previa, pph, eclampsia, fatigue, CPD, etc were all killers and there was little any midwife could do. Google Anne Bradstreet's poem "Before the birth of one of her children" to get a 1600s view of childbirth..."How soon my dear Death may my steps attend..."
I think to the extent things are not done any more it is because they are either not effective or something safer has replaced them. There is no reason to use high forceps when a c-section can be safely provided. I compare it to aspirin -- sure I could make myself willow bark tea for my headache but why on earth would I want to when I can take an aspirin that is free from contamination and of a certain safe dosage?
Both height and weight (though more height).  36 pounds and 39 pounds, 38.5 and 39 inches.   They are forward facing.
We currently have 6 car seats for our twin 3.5 year old DDs.  4 are Britaxs 2 of which are installed in our mini-van and 2 of which are installed in the babysitters' car.   We also have a set of Cosco Scenaras which are installed in my parents' car which are used once a week for pickup from preschool to home (about a 2 mile drive).   The girls are just about growing out of the Scenaras and I am looking for suggestions for the replacement seats for my parents' car.  I...
The therapy is 1 hour, 3 times a week, plus transit time.   She gets about a 3 hour break each day -- napping occurs between 1 and 4.   She watches tv, plays on the internet, talks on the phone during that time.   The children are also enrolled in several classes beyond pre-school (gymnastics, etc. totaling about 2.5 hours a week), which are "drop off" - she usually stays in the building where the lessons are and plays on her phone during that time.   There has been...
You may also want to consider your insurance situation when making this decision.  An isoimmunized friend's medical care for both her and her child ran over $800,000.  Fortunately, she had good coverage but not everyone is so lucky.
She gets 2 weeks paid vacation and sick time (same as my husband with an MS and over 10 years in his field). Additionally there are plenty of personal errands being run during the work week already despite having every Friday off to accomplish errands and tasks like going to the bank, renewing her drivers license, seeing a chiro, shopping for a present for her Mom, etc. So I'm inclined to not let this go.
Our nanny has been off due to a surgery (to repair an injury) and will be off for a total of about 6-8 weeks.  When she returns, she needs physical therapy 3 times a week.    One therapy visit can be on her day off. One therapy visit she plans to take the kids with her. One therapy visit she plans to be on the morning that she drops the kids off at pre-school (previously, she has spent that time while not watching the kids running family errands, doing their laundry...
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