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aw I love seeing these bellies grow!   here's me in a changeroom last week. I feel like this baby is going to fall out of me!!!!!!!! 
I have no idea with this current pregnancy yet, but at 37 weeks with my first, I had a vaginal exam (I honestly cannot remember why now!) and I was a stretchy 2cm. My babe was born 3 weeks later (the day after his due date).    Since I'm having WAY more braxton hicks contractions this second pregnancy, I'm thinking I'll likely be a few cms dilated before I actually go into labour this time too. 
Hahahaha I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror last night and HAD to take a pic. Big pj pants and a tshirt that doesn't fit over my belly anymore. This is how I roll these days at 31 weeks!
Thanks mamas!!
MrsGail -  magnesium supplement takes care of those leg cramps for me. Works like a charm. I had them so bad las pregnancy until I discovered how much a magnesium supplement helped. And this pregnancy the first time I got one I literally ran to the healthy food store and bought some.   Now, how am I preparing for birth? I'd say this time around, the best/biggest thing I'm doing is exercising. SO much exercising. I work out (pilates, aerobics and some strength training...
What an interesting and helpful discussion! This is the kind of stuff I'm needing now as I get closer to the end of this pregnancy. So thank you for starting this fabulously honest discussion Samarabuendia!
What an inspiring thread! My first birth was all natural. It didn't go quite according to plan - but really, what birth does? We had planned a homebirth but decided to transfer when there was meconnium present when my water broke. I still had my midwife at the hospital as my primary caregiver so it wasn't a scary or stressful idea to transfer. We were just being extra cautious. Anyhow!! My point is: yes. You can absolutely have a great first birth experience despite...
^^^^ trying to get a half decent 'announcement' photo with a 2 year old….didn't quite go as planned :) Wearing my toddler for long walks has been great exercise for me this pregnancy!   
oh look at us all! getting so pregnant! 
well! Last week I weighed myself only to discover I was just a few pounds shy of my 40week weight with baby #1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO…since I have an entire trimester to go, I think it's safe to assume I'm going to end up a little bit heavier this time around :P I have decided I am not going to weigh myself anymore and my midwife is a-ok with that :)   I feel better now that I've decided to remain in ignorance. Of course I will carry on exercising and eating well (as I have...
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