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Thank you! My crock pot is going to be very busy this week!
We were given this box of really nice potatoes and I want to use them before they go bad. I already made some awesome clam chowder and I'm going to make potato salad next.   What are your favorite dinner ideas that use potatoes?
I feel like it just keeps getting harder instead of easier. I'm guessing some things are typical for her age but they are making me frustrated and feeling stressed. Breastfeeding is no fun at the moment. It was never this painful in the beginning.   She only falls asleep at the boob. She like the stay latched on for long periods of time (sometimes the whole nap). Occasionally she tights her teeth around my nipple and just want to hold her jaw clinched like this the...
I have been on a pop for the past 6 months. My dd is 9 months old. She is still breastfeeding.   Did anyone else have their periods get lighter as the months go by? It's like when I had my iud... just some light spotting. Now I am spotting for the second time this month. Also I feel more cramps than I ever did before. The side effect I worry about most is its effect on my weight. After I got rid if my iud my weight steadly dropped until my second trimester. I lost...
rumparooz newborn cover was my favorite for the first couple months. It fit until at least 15 pounds. It has rise snaps so it can go really small in case you need it to. I was impressed at how long this cover worked for us. I only wish I had bought more than one. I used it with flats.
Wow, it seems like you have a good system. Nothing seems really wrong with what you are doing to me. I have had similar problems lately. Stinky even after a dawn strip. The only thing I can add is that you could try striping again with something else. I'm trying RLR right now. Also you can boil anything that doesn't have pul or snaps. Like the prefolds and inserts if they are snap free.   I have flats. They are not all that expensive. Now that my dd is bigger I only...
I store dirty diapers in a small plastic bin. Its clear, 27 litters. Don't put a lid on it. It will make them smell. I use the bath tub the rinse it out when I need to. It cost way less than one of those fancy bag that is going to take up space in your machine every time you wash.
Wool covers are the only way I can use my huge bulkly prefolds. I hate trying to stuff them in a pul cover. I made some snapless fitted fleece pocket thingies. That way I can pad fold a flat, stick it inside and snappi it on. It washes and dries better that a normal fitted.
The wool will absorb some but won't feel wet. You let it air dry between uses and hand wash every couple weeks or if it gets poo on it. lanolin in the wool keeps it from getting smelly.
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