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Spidermonkey -- K, I just read through the 1st post and through some of your other posts on that page.  I would like to make you feel better by stating that you are not alone.  I don't think you said anything that was out of line.  You stated your opinion as does everyone else.  I also think that people do NOT read key words, like *women that don't educate themselves" -- and so on.  If someone is reacting to that, I feel that it's most likely because they feel that...
Oh dear!  Sorry about preggo brain!  Glad everything turned out okay though!
Sorry they found a cyst.  A girl on my other April board just found out the same thing.  Did the baby have any other markers for T18??  They told her the chances were slim to none and that it would probably just resolve itself.  I hope it's the same in your case.  Lots of hugs!
Airy - Congrats on that little boy.  I think the snowflake cake sounds adorable!     Abbie -  Thanks for sharing the pic of your little rock star!   Sounds like you both had great appointments :)    
Well, it's Tuesday, what are you waiting for?? lol    Can't wait to hear how your US's went :) 
I am re-posting because somehow I vanished off the list!   Here I am again       Name:  Michelle (PsycheGal) EDD:  April 30th using O date #Pregnancy/baby:  Baby #3 Your age/age at the birth:  31 for both Family: DH, DD#1 Age 6, DD#2 Age 4, 2 Dogs, 2 Sugar Gliders, 2 Birds, 1 Hamster, and some fish too.  Oh and my mom lives with us! She counts for 5!  How long did it take to get your BFP: Officially trying since 2/2011 but we'd been JLIH...
Chapluqa! I definitely see a little bump there!  It's very cute :)  Don't worry about it, soon enough you will be sitting there asking yourself "Where did my feet go?"     I was actually doing that today.  I can't believe that I can no longer see my feet ALREADY.  Glad to have a due date buddy though!!  Better keep me posted on that belly!
With my first, I was induced at exactly 42 weeks -- but by my count I was only 40 weeks that day -- also, pregnancy is not really a textbook situation - the baby is not in there counting weeks and our bellies are really not truly comparable to a piece of bread in the oven.  Your baby may not have been ready to come out yet when you were induced.     So they induced me (The induction took 2 days to work and that in itself was not pleasant) and once I finally went into...
ROFLMAO @  Enormous Baby Belly Club!!!!   Yep, you should hear some of the comments I've gotten with this pregnancy so far -- at least once they find out I'm only 13 weeks LOL
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