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very interesting reply. Ds (a little over 2.5) and I just finished the weaning process...it went ridiculously well...pretty sure we both were 100% ready ;-)   So, I guess I'm not ttc while nursing, but since that was only a month or so ago, I've been wondering if my body might benefit from some extra vitamin boosts...thanks for the suggestions on yams. I had forgotten about them!
I should be nearing the time for AF to arrive.  I think something like the end of this coming week? BUT, Idk, I'm pretty sure we missed our window as DP didn't commit to ttc until I already felt as though I'd ovulated...so...we'll see. On one interesting note, if we DID somehow manage it this cycle, we'd probably have a high chance at another boy...since male sperm swim faster. lol   Mostly, I'm waiting for AF to arrive so that we can time it better the next cycle!
DandJsMommy9- Wow, I'm impressed with the patience. I have always tested super early in the past, and this go around, I feel like I would prefer to wait to test until my body is really giving me accurate symptoms...you know? Sort of delay the dread of wondering if it'll stick by testing later... BUT, lol...I'm not sure I'll have the patience to wait until week 6 or whatever for ms to kick in ;-)
WOW! What a long road to such joy. Congrats Mama, and it's so nice to hear of these options! I would never have guessed Ukraine.
wow...great links. Especially found the second one (magnesium importance) interesting...
Here's to hoping for a Summer Baby! :-)
I also was pregnant on my 21st...hugely pregnant in fact. lol...It wasn't much of a bummer...I was so excited about the coming birth and meeting my baby that, really, it just didn't matter.     
Congrats PurelyMama!!! Yay for a BFP!
love the thread! Hope there's a BFP in this cycle!   Traci447, sounds like we DO have a lot in common. I'm afraid it's been VERY hard for me not to be pushy, but we're finally in this together! Yay!
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