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Hi again patiogardener..   There's another problem now...he started to have thick yogurt like very pale light yellowish poop since last night. It has an odd odor..It wasn't seedy yellow as how it should me.. Now I'm really starting to freak out! I'm really hoping the worst it can be is a lactose intolerance...but pale/whitish yellowish thick yogurt poop????   Please, someone tell me that's normal?! :(:'(
eek! I love dairy :(
Funny you say that. I drink a lot of milk and my little one also had blood in stool and he has the exact symptoms you're describing. I thought it may be weather related or related to my diet. Sorry I'm not much help but just wanted to share that. Hope someone else can help you
Hi everyone, I have to get a root canal and some fillings done, I `have no choice but to pump and store for DH to feed the baby. I did this with my first thinking it was oK but she completely rejected my breast and would not latch on.     Any advice which bottle is best to avoid nipple confusion? Please help! :(   Will my baby reject the breast if I gave him a bottle for a few hours 1-2 times a week?
Hi, thanks for your reply.   I was aware that fore-milk and hind-milk can cause green stools. I was trying to do what you said, it did help. However, I haven't heard or read anywhere about diarrhea and blood, so that's what worried me more so :(
Hi guys! I've been breastfeeding my 4 week old. He had watery yellow stools in the beginning which I was told is normal and then the watery stools decreased... After 3 weeks his stools turned into green algae like stools, and now (since 1 day) he started pooping mostly watery stools with some blood in it. There is the yellow stool but is also greenish as well! The blood is a few drops, I can see it pouring with the water when he poops diarrhea, the diaper is a tad tinged...
Aww I feel ya! Did you try putting vinegar on your nipples and letting air dry after every feeding and then apply extra virgin olive oil? I noticed this gave me amazing results to help get rid of nipple pain and thrush from my nipples along with taking Kyolic Garlic Capsules and a clove of garlic a day and sometimes putting the juice of garlic on my nipples (gross.. I know.. but hey whatever works right?)   Also I found that Earth Mama Nipple Butter is AMAZING for...
Hi everyone! I'm currently breastfeeding and I drink about 4 litres a day and usually pretty thirsty. Today I drank over 4 litres and my lips are dry, my mouth is dry and I'm yearning for some more water! I don't understand. Nothing is quenching my thirst and it's driving me nuts!   Any ideas why this is happening :(?
I believe the GV works pretty well. I was told to dilute it and apply for about 10 days straight. The thing is you have to use it every few hours because yeast grows back within those hours. Rinse your nipples before applying to make sure there is no milk on it because they thrive in sugary environments.   You say you've been using it for 5 days straight...and only applied 5 times? I don't think that's enough. You have to apply every few hours or between...
Hi, that's perfectly normal! I had the same issue and my midwife said they will sleep day 1 and 2 and suckle all day long for day 3. This is to bring your milk in. My LO did not have any milk coming and he suckled all day when he was 3 days old and only slept 5-6 hours that day. Third day he was pretty much sleeping all day and my milk had come in so I was feeding him every 2-3 hours or so.   It's perfectly normal! I thought he wanted to comfort suck too but my...
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