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I can definitely relate...I don't like feeling as though I'm on a roller coaster of emotions. I generally try to give myself a bit of grace and recognize the huge changes in my body, family, and life that are causing these mood swings. Exercise also seems to help me quite a bit even if its just a quick walk with the dog. Hang in there!
Welcome Kristen!
ZimMomma- I have the same question. This is our first baby and we will be delivering at a free standing birth center with a midwife. I think I will ask our midwife what sort of role she usually plays during labor and how that role changes if a doula is present. One of the main reasons I am interested in having a doula is to give guidance to my DH and mom as to how they can help me through the labor process. I'd love to hear what everyone else's thoughts are.
Kamiro - I'm sorry things have been so stressful but I'm glad you were able to talk to your DH and to us about it. Hang in there...I imagine that the B Complex, the exercise, your faith, and talking things out will go a long way in helping you through all of this. Until then...big hugs to you!   Also, it sounds like the girl's behavior is not professional in any way. I think if it doesn't change after two of her superiors have talked to her about it then further...
Caritasrainbow...I am so sorry. Sending some prayers/positive thoughts your way.
Thanks for all of your support ladies! I haven't had my first midwife appointment yet (it was pushed back 2 weeks at which point I will be 14 weeks...boo!) but we did purchase a doppler today from Craigslist and after about 20 minutes of searching, we found the heartbeat  It was in the 150s and such a welcome sound. I finally feel like we can settle into this pregnancy and start sharing the happy news. Woot!
I am doing a bit of research on carseats. I am interested in the idea of using a convertible carseat from birth. So far, I like the Maxi Cosi Pria 70 and the Chicco Nextfit. Do you all know of anyone who has used these carseats with a newborn? Did they work well? Any other suggestions for convertible carseats that will fit a newborn well? Thanks!
Hey did anyone notice that the January DDC is up? That makes it seem like we're so far along...woot!   Hapersmion - I hope that the insurance situation is fixed soon...that has to be stressful.   Jonsiesgirl - I love the cardigan!   AFM: I seem to be feeling a bit better in regard to nausea/indigestion/food aversions but have been having headaches pretty consistently over the past few weeks. I am beyond excited about my first midwife appointment this week....
I'm with you...definitely starting to feel uncomfortable in my regular pants (the rubber band trick only works for so long). Any tips on where to buy maternity dress pants for work in an office? I've tried local thrift/consignment shops, Target, and Kohls but I can't seem to find much of a selection.
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