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I was on the fence with our second whether or not to do an ultrasound. We skipped the 13 week and only did the 20 week to determine the sex so my husband and I would have time to make a decision on circumcision. Everything about my pregnancy was perfectly normal up to this point and we had no history of issues. It was at that 20 week scan we found out our son had no kidneys and would not live long after birth. Because we had the ultrasound we were able to make all of the...
Sonogram is scheduled for Aug 6th and we will find out then boy or girl. I think I am winning the war. He said to me the other day "what if he wants it done when he is older"? I told him no big deal we can discuss then but I could not in good conscience subject a baby to a medical procedure that was for cosmetic reasons only. Fingers crossed this just blows over.  
This issue is killing me. I am about 16 weeks pregnant and anti circ and my husband is 100% pro. I just read The Vulnerability of Men article and that is the exact same argument we had last night. We have a 16 month old daughter so this was never an issue before. I am praying we have another girl so we don't have to go down this road. I will be getting a sonogram soon to determine the sex. If its a boy I will just have to put my foot down. The stress of waiting to find...
Yes. I am. I live in Crofton Maryland and was just talking to my coworkers about how I need to get out and meet some other kinda crunchy moms. My little one is almost 6 months old. I would love to get together.
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