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No, sorry it sold.
So I do have the original box, and everything that came with it. The monitor looks brand new, I've kept it in its case in a drawer since I last used it. I've also charged it according to the directions every few months to keep the battery from going bad.
Hi! Yes, I have the original manuals that came with it, and I think I even have the original box......I'm at work so will take a look when I get home. I bought it from RAXmedical less than 2 years ago, but only used it for less than a year. It works great, I haven't replaced anything. The only reason I'm selling is because I'm pregnant with my second and we won't be having any more children (hubby had "the surgery" ).   I live in Hawaii, so shipping might take a few...
Is anyone looking for a used Lady Comp? I have one I purchased from RAXmedical and used less than a year. It worked great, and prevented pregnancy until we were ready, but I had a lot of complications with the pregnancy so my husband and I are not planning on having any more children, so no longer need the monitor. It is in great condition! All personal fertility data from me has been deleted. $350
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